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**Extended 06.11.2018** Irrigation and water harvesting Infrastructure Development Consultant for full-time position

Republic of Moldova and International Fund for Agriculture Development have signed Financing Agreements for implementation of Inclusive Rural Economic and Climate Resilience Programme (IRECR) and Rural Resilience Project (RRP).

Both projects provide finance for construction of road infrastructure, irrigation systems, water supply lines, pumping stations and water harvesting reservoirs. 

The Irrigation and water harvesting Infrastructure Development Consultant will work under the direct supervision of CPIU-IFAD Infrastructure Development Specialist, and will be responsible for implementation infrastructure development activities related to irrigation, water supply, construction of infrastructure for harvesting water for irrigation, which are the key component within IFAD projects in Moldova.

The CPIU-IFAD will recruit a full time national consultant-engineer, hydrologist, with a strong background engineering in water supplies for cities or irrigated farms, with experience interpreting hydrologic data and performing analyses for determining possible water supplies, controlling river flooding, construction of ponds and water harvesting reservoirs.

Terms of Reference

Letter for Expressions of Interest 

The CPIU-IFAD invites eligible Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the Services.

Interested candidates should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The key criteria for shortlisting evaluation are the following:

1. General qualification - 30 points:

2. Specific experience in the field for vacant position – 50 points:

3. Language skills -10 points:

4. Computer management skills, soft applications – 10 points

Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Selection-based on consultants’ qualifications (CQS) method. Assessment of the candidates will be conducted against evaluation criteria, based on information provided in the application documents. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to submit Technical and Financial offers. 

The finalist will be offered a fixed-term employment contract based on 40-hour weekly work programme and concluded in line with national labor legislation.

Interested candidates must delivered a detailed Curriculum vitae in English, Letter for Expressions of Interest as per form attached to this request, and at least three (3) professional reference to: before 25 October, 06 November 2018 at 16.00  p.m.

Consolidated Programme Implementation Unit (CPIU-IFAD)

Attn: Nadejda Russu, Procurement specialist, of.1303, blvd Stefan cel Mare si Sfint 162, 

Chisinau, MD-2004, Republic of Moldova

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Контакты UCIP-IFAD:

Р. Молдова, MD-2004 мун. Chişinău,
бул. Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfînt, 162, оф. 1303

Тел.: (+373 22) 22 50 46; 21 00 56
(+373 22) 87 16 59

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