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Grants for Restoring Grass Covers

Aim: 200 hectares of grass cover in orchards and vineyards and grass lands are restored in private land holdings and communal land in the central and southern agro-climatic zones.

Ceiling: up to $700 USD/ha for rehabilitation of grasslands, with limitation up 10 ha per one beneficiary.


The proposed matching grants aims at restoring at least 200 hectares of grass cover in orchards, vineyards and grasslands in private land holdings and communal land mainly in the central and southern agro-climatic zones. The programme will create incentives for farmers to learn and apply new sustainable management procedures.   

Beneficiaries of the proposed matching grant programme will be agriculture farms and Local Public Authorities (LPA) which are farming of land plots exposed to water erosion.  When launching the grant programme the CPIU-IFAD will organize two zonal workshops about past and ongoing initiatives on good conservation, management and restoration practices of Eastern European Steppes, with special focus on neighbouring countries – Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Russia. In addition, potential beneficiaries of the grant programme will learn about restoration options applicable in Moldovan context. They will be provided with an implementation plan for the restoration and management of grass covers in Moldova.

Interested farmers and farm leaders to adopt such sustainable land management practices will apply for small grant programme offered in the framework of this programme.

Beneficiaries and eligibility criteria

Beneficiaries of the small grants for grass covers should follow the following eligibility criteria:

  • Are registered as economic entities in rural area, except for Chisinau and Balti towns;
  • Conduct agricultural or small farming activity;
  • Have at least one year experience of farming;
  • Own or lease on long terms agricultural land;
  • Committed to contribute in cash or in-kind with at least 50% to the cost for restoration of grassland.

LPA also will be eligible for grants on restoration of public grass pastures.  Field with single crops like alfalfa, clever, etc. grown for forage would be not considered as pastures and would be not eligible for grant scheme. 

Financing requirements

The project will provide 50% funding contribution with up to maximum amount of $700,0 USD/ha to support at maximum 10 ha of land per applicant to restore grass cover in orchards, vineyards, and grasslands.  The applicant will prove the co-financing in cash and/or in-kind contribution of 50%.

The funding will be available upon investment. 

Pentru detalii vedeți:

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  • Dosarul de aplicare cu setul complet de documentele necesare pentru obținerea grantului, se depune pe parcursul anului la adresa UCIP-IFAD, MD-2004, or. Chișinău, bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt, 162, et.13, oficiul 1303. La etapa de recepționare dosarele de aplicare vor fi înregistrate în registrul scrisorilor de intrare notând data de prezentare, denumirea grantului, denumirea solicitantului și semnătura persoanei care a recepționat.
  • Perioada de prezentare a pachetului de documente: pe parcursul anului

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